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9/11 hijackers funding: names and numbers

13 septembre 2014

Money Jihad 13 September 2014

If you follow the money, the men in the middle of the disbursing of funds to the 9/11 hijackers were United Airlines Flight 175 hijacker-pilot Marwan al-Shehhi and a UAE-based

9/11 and Jihad Terror: A Legacy of Over 13 Centuries—Not 13 Years

13 septembre 2014

Family Security Matters 13 September 2014
By Andrew B. Bostom

I have been made victorious with terror (cast in the hearts of the enemy) -Islam's prophet Muhammad, as recorded in the most important collection of Muhammad's "traditions"

Turkey Backtracks on Promise to Help NATO Fight ISIS

13 septembre 2014

In spite of its promise to NATO to help fight the Islamic State, Turkey will not take part in combat operations against militants and will refuse to allow any US-led coalition

Anti-Semitic Attacks up 400% in UK, Double in France

13 septembre 2014

Anti-Semitic attacks nearly doubled in France in the first seven months of 2014, the country's main Jewish group said Thursday. A total of 529 anti-Semitic actions or

Bulgaria’s security, child protection agencies investigating ‘illegal’ Muslim schools

13 septembre 2014

The State Agency for National Security and the office of the Chief Mufti, spiritual leader of Bulgaria’s Muslims, have started investigations following a media investigation

9/11 and the Fog of Denial

13 septembre 2014

Frontpage Mag 13 September 2014
By Robert Spencer

Thirteen years after 9/11, there is one thing that virtually all our politicians, law enforcement officials, and mainstream media guardians of opinion know: that attack had nothing whatsoever

Video: "It's naive and wrong to say Islam isn't more violent than other religions"

13 septembre 2014

Bill Maher is an outspoken atheist and critic of religion, but Islam in particular always sets him off. He sparred with Charlie Rose over his belief that Islam is far worse and more violent than Christianity.

Sleepwalking Toward Armageddon

13 septembre 2014

In his speech responding to the horrific murder of journalist James Foley by a British jihadist, President Obama delivered the following rebuke (using an alternate name for

The day the world changed: Jihad and the West 13 years after 9/11

13 septembre 2014

The Day the World Changed: that was the headline in one British newspaper after the twin towers attack 13 years ago today. If you hadn’t heard of Al Qaeda by then, after 9-11

1,400 British girls were gang-raped for years thanks to the sexual revolution

13 septembre 2014

Much has been written about the horrifying tale of 1,400 British girls who were groomed, brutalized, and viciously gang-raped for years by Muslim sexual traffickers.

Clifford D. May: Thirteen years after 9/11, Western leaders still don’t understand the jihadist threat

12 septembre 2014

National Post 12 September 2014
By Clifford D. May

Do not call what happened 13 years ago this week a tragedy. It was a terrorist atrocity, an act of war and a war crime. Very different. The self-proclaimed jihadis responsible for hijacking

The Left Hates the Innocence of Children

12 septembre 2014

Absolutely, utterly, unquestionably, lamppost-hanging-worthily despicable. This is the only way to describe the news that greeted a jaded, yet somehow still horrified, world

Award-Winning Film 'Honor Diaries' Now Available on Netflix

12 septembre 2014

Honor Diaries is the first film to break the silence on ‘honor violence’ against women and girls. Honor Diaries is more than a movie, it is a movement to save women and girls

9/11 the 13th: When Will Uncle Sam Pursue American, Not Islamic Interests?

12 septembre 2014

Diana West 12 September 2014
By Diana West

Long ago, our first president, George Washington, prophetically warned against "attachments and entanglements in foreign affairs.” In the last century, such sentiments, tragically

Confusion over "Jihad"

12 septembre 2014

Shortly after he founded the Muslim Brotherhood in 1928, Hassan al-Banna made very clear what jihad was about: "It is the nature of Islam to dominate, not to be dominated, to

Obama: The Islamic State "is not ‘Islamic'”

12 septembre 2014

"No religion condones the killing of innocents, and the vast majority of ISIL’s victims have been Muslim.” It is good of Obama to try to explain exactly how the Islamic State

ISIS Starts Recruiting in Istanbul’s Vulnerable Suburbs

12 septembre 2014

When Deniz Sahin’s ex-husband phoned out of the blue to say he wanted to see their two young children, the call came as a welcome surprise. The father, a former alcoholic, who

Turkey refuses to host U.S. anti-ISIS forces

12 septembre 2014

Turkey will refuse to allow a U.S.-led coalition to attack jihadists in neighboring Iraq and Syria from its air bases, nor will it take part in combat operations against

For US, finding right allies in Syria will be tough

12 septembre 2014

In an effort to map out the ideological spectrum of Syria’s various rebel groups, Turkish and American officials used a color-coded scheme: green for trusted friends, red for

Erdogan is Leading Turkey Down a Dangerous Path

12 septembre 2014

The ascendancy of Turkey’s Recep Tayyip Erdogan to the presidency places Turkey on a trajectory that could usher in a new era unlike any other since the founding of the Turkish