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This government has no intention to protect its people from Islamic violence

Winds Of Jihad By SheikYerMami - il y a 30 min 2 sec
After the killing: the usual suspects give us the  stereotypical nonsense from politicians and followers of the false prophet made victorious through terror at Keysar Trad from the...

Islamic State gaining ground on Golan border

Jihad Watch - 3 octobre 2015
They will advance even farther if Assad is removed. And as for the “moderate rebels,” they were never all that moderate. The Free Syrian Army has collaborated with al-Qaeda and terrorized Christians in Syria. “Islamic State gaining ground on Golan border as moderate rebels wither,” by Elhanan Miller, Times of Israel, October 1, 2015: As […]

Islamic Jihad claims Jerusalem stabbing attack: “The third intifada has already begun”

Jihad Watch - 3 octobre 2015
The first and second intifadas were times when “Palestinian” jihad attacks against Israeli civilians intensified in frequency and ferocity. And here we are again. Some Islamic supremacists in the West have been screaming for Jewish blood for a long time, and now they have it: Reza, now you have what you wanted: “Islamic Jihad Claims […]

Telegraph: “Rebels warn that Russian air strikes risk pushing moderates into arms of more powerful extremist groups”

Jihad Watch - 3 octobre 2015
That’s the Telegraph subhead on this piece: “Rebels warn that Russian air strikes risk pushing moderates into arms of more powerful extremist groups.” How many times over the years have we heard this — that too strong action against Islamic jihadists would drive “moderates” into the arms of “extremists”? And suddenly there are “moderates” among […]

“Palestinian” Muslims launch fireworks, wave flags to celebrate brutal jihad murder of Israeli couple

Jihad Watch - 3 octobre 2015
“Leading members of Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas’ Fatah party, Azzam Al-Ahmad and General Sultan Abu Al-Einen, praised the attack, Gendelman said. He added that General Al-Einen, who serves as Abbas’ adviser on NGOs, called for more attacks on Israelis.” Remember, this was an attack on a young civilian couple that left their four small […]

Daughter of French cop becomes hunted Islamic State jihadist

Jihad Watch - 3 octobre 2015
“Don’t forget that you are Muslim,” she told her sons. “Jihad will not end as long as there are enemies to vanquish.” All this after she converted to Islam. Before she converted to Islam, she was the daughter of a gendarme (still is, actually), and presumably was a reasonably loyal French citizen. Now she is […]

UK: Muslims assault, harass, threaten, persecute family, drive them from their home, for converting to Christianity

Jihad Watch - 3 octobre 2015
Nissar Hussain said: “Our lives have been sabotaged and this shouldn’t happen in the United Kingdom. We live in a free democratic society and what they are doing to us is abhorrent.” Mr. Hussain, I’m sorry to say it, but you live in a shattered, staggering dhimmi society where terrified officials fear to act on […]

Video: Australia Muslim was “dancing joyously,” screaming “Allahu akbar” as he murdered police official

Jihad Watch - 3 octobre 2015
Australian officials should be looking into where Farhad Jabar Khalil Mohammed learned his Islam, and investigating what is being taught in the mosque or mosques he attended. Instead, they’re rushing to warn Australians not to blame the Muslim community for this murder. So when a Muslim kills a non-Muslim in the name of Islam and […]

German Minister: Islamic State jihadis sneaking into country with refugees, active in refugee camps

Jihad Watch - 3 octobre 2015
Those who doubt what Thomas de Maiziere says here should remember that last February the Islamic State said it would soon flood Europe with as many as 500,000 refugees. And an Islamic State operative recently boasted that among the flood of refugees, 4,000 Islamic State jihadis had entered Europe. “They are going like refugees,” he […]

Australia: 15-year-old “radicalized” Muslim shoots police employee, police say “no rhyme or reason” for attack

Jihad Watch - 3 octobre 2015
Pat Gooley from the NSW Police Association said: “We are used to being under threat. What’s really concerning police is there’s no rhyme or reason to these current terror threats.” No rhyme or reason? Have you ever heard of jihad, Mr. Gooley? Evidently not. Other police officials, meanwhile, are busy making sure that Farhad Jabar […]

The Unknown: Understanding the Islamic Republic Through the Qur’an

Jihad Watch - 3 octobre 2015
In this new episode of The Unknown, Anni Cyrus helps us in Understanding the Islamic Republic Through the Qur’an. Why is the Islamic Republic so viciously oppressive of women? Anni connects the dots. The Glazov Gang is a fan-generated program. Please donate through our Pay Pal account or our Indiegogo campaign. Also subscribe to our […]

“Allah, Allah”: Turnbull said the Muslim community would be “shocked and appalled” by the killing and issued a warning against vilifying Muslims…

The sister of the 15-year-old gunman who stormed a police headquarters and killed an accountant may have tried to reach Syria the day before the shooting, it has emerged. Iranian-born boy attended...

‘The ABC understands the incident was not related to terrorism…’

The ABC understands nothing… except… nothing to do with Islam. “We must no vilify Muslims” said Malcolm Turncoat, and Muslims say they”fear backlash” like they...

Anything but the truth….

Obama Now Openly Telling Media What Propaganda to Print We’ve hit a new low–FRONTPAGEMAG.COM Trump: Syrian refugees might be a massive terrorist army in disguise No Muslim is a refugee....

“Allah is the only God:” when did Tennessee submit to Islam?

TENNESSEE SCHOOL DISTRICT: IT WOULD COST TOO MUCH TO REVEAL OUR LESSSONS ON ISLAM The American Center for Law & Justice, a law firm that generally promotes conservative and Christian principles,...

Taliban take 4th Afghan district in 48 hours

Jihad Watch - 2 octobre 2015
Watch for the Pentagon to issue a detailed map explaining how they’re losing, any minute now. “Taliban take 4th Afghan district in 48 hrs,” ANSA, October 2, 2015 (thanks to Insubria): (ANSA) – Kabul, October 2 – The Taliban on Thursday night took their fourth Afghan district in 48 hours, Warduj in the northeastern province […]

Video: Robert Spencer on ISIS: A struggle of life vs. death

Jihad Watch - 2 octobre 2015
On September 17, 2015, I spoke at the David Horowitz Freedom Center’s Wednesday Morning Club in Los Angeles about how the fight against the Islamic State is nothing less than the struggle of life vs. death.

UK Muslim 14-year-old receives life sentence for jihad mass murder plot in Australia

Jihad Watch - 2 octobre 2015
He had a wooden box with “Islamic State” carved on it in his bedroom, and yet his parents were “completely unaware” of his activities. And credulous dhimmi British authorities no doubt nodded gravely and consoled the parents on the tragedy of how their son had been “radicalized.” “British teen receives life sentence for inciting terrorist […]

Oregon massacre: Singling out Christians for murder is standard practice among Islamic jihadis

Jihad Watch - 2 octobre 2015
Yesterday, an Oregon gunman curiously singled out Christians during rampage: A woman who claimed to have a grandmother inside a writing class in Snyder Hall, where a portion the massacre unfolded, described the scene in a tweet. “The shooter was lining people up and asking if they were Christian,” she wrote. “If they said yes, then […]

Israel: Muslims murder Jewish couple in front of their children

Jihad Watch - 2 octobre 2015
In any war between the civilized man and the savage, support the civilized man. Support Israel. Defeat jihad. “Couple Murdered In Front of Their Children in Samaria Shooting,” Arutz Sheva, October 1, 2015: A shooting attack took place just after 9 p.m. on Thursday night, with initial reports indicating two people in their 30s were […]