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Jordanian city filled with Islamic State supporters: “The Islamic State is here to stay. Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi is our prince.”

Jihad Watch - il y a 2 heures 8 min
A whole city full of misunderstanders of Islam. How did this happen — particularly in modern, moderate Jordan? “Pro-ISIS sympathies simmer in Jordanian city,” by Samira Said, Jomana Karadsheh and Laura Smith-Spark, CNN, September 30, 2014 (thanks to Mike): Ma’an, Jordan (CNN) — The quiet, sandy streets of the southern Jordanian city of Ma’an belie […]

Oklahoma beheader asks that a Muslim be named as his court-appointed lawyer

Jihad Watch - il y a 3 heures 50 sec
From the looks of his booking photograph, the “recent convert” beheader Jah’Keem Yisrael has been a Muslim long enough to develop an impressive zebibah. And while the facilitators of mainstream media obfuscation are claiming that it was a simple case of workplace violence and pointing to Yisrael’s Christian-themed tattoos (when did he get them?) as […]

Something different from Robert Spencer: The death of Moneyball

Jihad Watch - il y a 3 heures 14 min
This post has nothing to do with jihad whatsoever. My voluminous non-jihad-related thoughts I generally keep to myself, and to those in my immediate vicinity. But last night, after the Oakland Athletics finally expired after a brutal August and September on life support, I wrote a piece, “The Death of Moneyball.” It’s at PJ Lifestyle […]

Muhammad did not practice “interfaith harmony”- he taught his followers to kill unbelievers, and to enslave them…

Winds Of Jihad By SheikYerMami - il y a 5 heures 12 min
In fact, Muhammad  Owned a Sword Named “Cleaver of Vertebrae”,  and he didn’t use it to shave his beard. He used it for headchopping. Can anyone name Moses or Jesus’ favorite swords? Mohammed...

Portland, Oregon: Would-be Christmas tree lighting jihad mass murderer gets 30 years prison dawah

Jihad Watch - il y a 6 heures 31 min
His mother said, “They should not entrap young boys.” What would it take to entrap you into trying to murder hundreds, if not thousands, of people? How could you be enticed to do it? Mohamed Mohamud deserves every second of this thirty-year sentence, and should serve it all. The idea that upstanding, patriotic young men […]

Islamic Republic of Iran executes man for interpreting Qur’anic story as symbolic tale

Jihad Watch - il y a 7 heures 20 min
Yet another indication of why we don’t see more genuine Islamic reformers. For the jihad imperative to make war against and subjugate unbelievers worldwide to be blunted, there would have to be a large-scale rejection of Qur’anic literalism, which is not remotely on the horizon. And virtually every time anyone appears who does advocate a […]

Lebanese Christians forming defense forces against Islamic State

Jihad Watch - il y a 8 heures 18 min
“‘We are a minority and we are under threat by the jihadists,’ Rifaat Nasrallah, a commander of the volunteer guards in the Greek Catholic town of Ras Baalbek, said.” These guys should lay down their arms — don’t they realize they might harm the Muslim/Christian dialogue? Don’t they know that the Islamic State fighters aren’t […]

Ninth Hagia Sophia Church converted into a mosque in Turkey

Jihad Watch - il y a 8 heures 55 min
The crowning of this Islamization endeavor will be the conversion of the Hagia Sophia in Istanbul, made a museum in the early years of Kemalist secularism, into a mosque. Rapid Re-Islamization of Turkey Update: “Ninth Hagia Sophia Church converted into a mosque in Turkey,” Pravoslavie, September 25, 2014 (thanks to Filip): The Hagia Sophia Church […]

“Divisive Policies” and Australia’s “social cohesion”

Winds Of Jihad By SheikYerMami - il y a 11 heures 28 min
The new buzzwords of the scoundrels who brought us the sharia and flooded the country with Mohammedan headchoppers: Tony Abbott’s cave-in to “divisive policy of backbenchers” a...

UK: “Across the country, there are concerns about the way Shari’ah law is being applied, the way women are told to live and the intolerant attitudes shown to people of different beliefs and ways of life.”

Winds Of Jihad By SheikYerMami - il y a 12 heures 13 min
Belated realisation of what once-Great Britain has become at London Evening Standard thanks to Mullah, pbuh: Theresa May uses Tory conference speech to hit out at Tower Hamlets council’s...

Islamic State beheads seven men, three women in Syria

Jihad Watch - il y a 12 heures 14 min
This has nothing to do with Islam, of course. It’s just odd how so-called Muslims misunderstand Islam in exactly the same way, from Syria to Oklahoma City. Somehow they get the crazy, Islamophobic, obviously false notion that “when you meet the unbelievers, strike the necks” (Qur’an 47:4) means “when you meet the unbelievers, strike the […]

The dividing line between good and evil

Winds Of Jihad By SheikYerMami - il y a 12 heures 33 min
Mark Steyn: Much of the progressive agenda – on marriage, immigration, and much else – involves not winning the argument but ruling any debate out of bounds.– Tiptoeing on ever-thinner...

Amid Emerging Radicalization Of Indian Muslims, Social Activist's Open Letter To Muslim Parents: 'Not My Son...But The Grieving...Muslim Parents From Kalyan, Too, Never Thought Their Sons Would Go That Way'

MEMRI - Rapports - il y a 12 heures 38 min
Dr. Zakir Naik's teachings contradict pluralism Recently, four Muslim youths from Kalyan, a suburb of Mumbai, flew to Baghdad and joined the jihadist organization Islamic State (IS), formerly the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS). One of them ...
No. 5851 - October 1, 2014

A$$hole of the Month: Colin Barnett

Winds Of Jihad By SheikYerMami - il y a 13 heures 16 min
This clown had no time or place for Geert Wilders, but lies down with Mohammedan grievance mongers and rabid jihad dogs. Nobody, nobody looks good with brown lipstick, Mr Barnett, and it does even...

Arab Liberals' Perspectives on the Arab Spring (2)

MEMRI - Rapports - il y a 13 heures 44 min
Introduction The Arab Spring has assumed alternate shapes in different Middle Eastern countries. In Syria, the March 2011 demonstrations that erupted in Daraa and gradually spread nationwide were violently suppressed. This hastened their ...
No. 1121 - October 1, 2014

Qatar has demonstrated “consistent and vocal support for the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas”

Jihad Watch - il y a 13 heures 46 min
Jeffrey Zucker CNN Corporate Office Headquarters 1 CNN Center Atlanta, GA 30348 USA Dear Mr. Zucker: This letter is being sent to you on behalf of the Qatar Awareness Campaign Coalition. The purpose is to inform you and the public of the activities of the state of Qatar. CNN regularly solicits the opinion of policy […]

La GRC recommande un imam de la terreur dans un livret contre le terrorisme

Poste de veille - il y a 21 heures 32 min

La Gendarmerie royale du Canada est-elle infiltrée par des agents de la secte des Frères musulmans au Manitoba ?


La GRC s'est associée au Conseil national des musulmans du Canada (ex CAIR-CAN) - un groupe accusé par Tarek Fatah de poursuivre un projet politique fasciste - pour la publication d'un livret visant à prévenir la radicalisation des jeunes. Le livret Unis contre le terrorisme a été lancé avant-hier dans une mosquée de Winnipeg au Manitoba. Or dès le lendemain, le siège de la GRC à Ottawa s'est distancié de cette initiative... avec raison! Les références religieuses de ce groupe sont tout sauf un antidote contre la radicalisation.

La CBC annonçait le lancement du livret le 29 septembre (traduction): 

Un livret destiné à prévenir le recrutement de jeunes Canadiens par des groupes extrémistes, intitulé United Against Terrorism : A Collaborative Effort Towards a Secure, Inclusive and Just Canada, a été présenté aujourd'hui à la mosquée centrale de Winnipeg. Ce livret est le fruit d’un effort conjoint du Conseil national des musulmans canadiens, de l'Association des services sociaux islamiques, et de la GRC. 

La GRC choisit mal ses partenaires, et le résultat était prévisible. Le siège de la GRC à Ottawa s'est dissocié du livret dès le 30 septembre:  

La GRC a contribué à la section 3 du manuel intitulé «Comprendre la radicalisation et le rôle de la GRC dans l'application des lois et de la sécurité nationale». Nous ne sommes pas imputables de toute autre matière contenue dans cette publication.

Après un dernier examen du manuel, la GRC ne pouvait pas supporter le ton accusatoire de certains éléments de la brochure et a donc enjoint la GRC du Manitoba de ne pas continuer avec cette initiative.


Extrait de la page 7 (p. 13 de l'imprimé) du livret (incrusté à la fin du billet) (traduction):

Question: Qui consultons-nous pour avoir une compréhension exacte de notre religion ?

Réponse: Dr. Ingrid Mattison, Sheikh Zaid Shakir, Sheikh Humza Yusuf, Dr. Jamal Badawi, Dr. Iqbal Nadawi, Sheikh Siraj Wahaj, Dr. Ihsan Bagby, Sheikh Abdallah Idris, Ali, Imam Ahmed Kutty, Imam Slimi, Imam Yusuf Badat, Ustad Nouman Ali Khan et Imam Sikander Hashmi.

Or Jamal Badawi, un Frère musulman, prône l'instauration d'un califat régi par la charia, y compris les châtiments corporels tels que l'amputation et la lapidation (voir vidéo à la fin de ce billet). Et le cheikh Siraj Wahaj est ouvertement sympathique à Al-Qaïda. Depuis des décennies, Siraj Wahaj prêche la haine des non-musulmans et soutient moralement le terrorisme.


Siraj Wahaj a été désigné co-conspirateur non-inculpé dans le procès pour l'attentat à la voiture piégée contre le World Trade Centre en 1993.

Il a aussi agi comme témoin pour Omar Abdel Rahman (le «cheikh aveugle»), condamné pour son implication dans cet attentat. 


Le site Point de bascule indique que deux piliers de l’infrastructure des Frères musulmans au Canada, Jamal Badawi et Wael Haddara, ont fait partie du conseil de direction de CAIR-CAN pendant une dizaine d’années. En 2004, ils étaient simultanément membres des conseils de direction de CAIR-CAN et de la Muslim Association of Canada (qui se réclame ouvertement de l'islam du fondateur des Frères musulmans). Et en 2005, CAIR-CAN s'était associé avec des individus ou groupes liés aux Frères musulmans pour demander le retrait de la motion adoptée à l'unanimité par l'Assemblée nationale du Québec contre les tribunaux de la charia.

En outre, «la Confrérie des Frères musulmans entretient des liens avec des dizaines de factions combattantes en Syrie, dont le rôle a été quasi-inexistant dans la lutte contre l'État islamique», écrit Hassan Hassan, un expert du Delma Institute à Abu Dhabi. Il ajoute que la Confrérie est loin d'être un antidote contre l'extrémisme ; au contraire, elle a «souvent contribué à créer un environnement où l'extrémisme opère et s'épanouit, comme le démontrent avec tant de force les évènements des dernières années en Syrie».

Rappelons aussi que le Conseil national des musulmans canadiens (ex CAIR-CAN) est engagé dans un jihad juridique contre le Premier ministre Stephen Harper et l'un de ses porte-parole, Jason MacDonald. Le Conseil reproche à M. MacDonald d'avoir «faussement» affirmé que leur organisation entretient des liens avec le Hamas (une créature des Frères musulmans).   


Uat Handbook Web Version Sept 27 2014 by Poste de veille


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Netanyahu: “It’s not militants. It’s not Islam. It’s militant Islam.”

Jihad Watch - 30 septembre 2014
That statement from Netanyahu seems to mean that the threat is not coming from militants who have nothing to do with Islam, as Obama and Kerry and Cameron and May and all the rest of the witless dupes in Western leadership positions would have us believe, and it is not coming from every last Muslim, […]

Prosecutor downplays Islamic aspects of Oklahoma beheading

Jihad Watch - 30 septembre 2014
Lots of people get fired all the time. A small number react violently. An even smaller number start beheading people in that situation. And it just happens that Jah’Keem Yisrael adhered to a religion that directs believers to “strike the necks” of unbelievers (Qur’an 47:4) and that he had photos of jihad beheadings on his […]

Australia: Pizza man charged with funding U.S. Muslim to join Islamic State

Jihad Watch - 30 septembre 2014
Your pepperoni dollars at work. “Hassan El Sabsabi charged with funding terror after police raids across Melbourne,” by Shannon Deery, Monique Hore, and Jon Kaila, Herald Sun, September 30, 2014 (thanks to Kenneth): A MAN accused of funding terrorism is being kept in a prison cell on his own following his arrest this morning. Hassan […]