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Taliban spokesman: “The Peshawar attack is in complete accordance with the Prophet’s teachings”

Jihad Watch - il y a 1 heure 15 min
According to Hindol Sengupta, the Editor-at-Large at Fortune India, Taliban spokesman Muhammad Khorasani has justified the Peshawar jihad massacre by likening it to Muhammad’s massacre of the Jewish Qurayzah tribe. Khorasani says: “The Mujahideen were instructed to only kill the older children. The Peshawar attack is in complete accordance with the Prophet’s teachings because when […]

Don’t mention the jihad, because more Muslims might join in…

Winds Of Jihad By SheikYerMami - il y a 1 heure 32 min
Wild claims of police brutality and targeting of Muslims from Anne Davies at the Sydney Moonbat Herald: The Left’s self-censorship is actually dangerous via Twitter the ABC’s [Jonathan] Green...

There are no ‘lone wolf’ jihadists

Winds Of Jihad By SheikYerMami - il y a 8 heures 23 min
Moonbattery on steroids: On September 19, the Sydney Morning Herald‘s Anne Davies met Martin Place gunman jihadist Man Haron Monis at an Islamic rally in Lakemba: “I decided to drop his quotes...

Florida: Muslim gets 15 years prison dawah for giving money to jihad groups

Jihad Watch - 17 décembre 2014
“Prosecutors Rick del Toro and Brian Frazier argued that Mohammed, who holds a master’s degree in computer science, possessed ‘a deep hatred for the country that provided him shelter, citizenship and education’ and that ‘his intent was to kill innocent American civilians,’ according to court papers.” He had a master’s degree in computer science and […]

Muslims put Austria on notice….

Winds Of Jihad By SheikYerMami - 17 décembre 2014
How dare the filthy kafirs try to stop the spread of Islam! Austria: according to a bill, “Islam Gesetz”, employing preachers from abroad would be prohibited. Austria’s Muslim...

Jihad and Dhimmitude: The Vicious Cycle

EuropeNews - 17 décembre 2014

Way back in the summer of 2006, I was guest-blogging at Michelle Malkin's website and wrote a post called "Jihad and Dhimmitude: A Real-Life Test Case." I am re-posting

The Religion for the ‘Mentally Ill’

EuropeNews - 17 décembre 2014

Cherson and Molschky 17 December 2014
By Rachel Molschky

There is a new rule in the fantasyland of political correctness: "lone wolf” equals "mentally ill.”

EU court removes Hamas from terror blacklist

EuropeNews - 17 décembre 2014

The EU General Court has ordered that the Palestinian militant group Hamas be removed from the bloc’s terror blacklist. The move comes over four years after Hamas appealed its

European Fear

EuropeNews - 17 décembre 2014

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For 20 years, the EU has not been able to figure out Hamas is terrorist

EuropeNews - 17 décembre 2014

Elder of Ziyon 17 December 2014

Here is the legal reasoning behind today's decision by the ECJ to de-list Hamas as a terror organization:

Palestinians: The Big Lie

EuropeNews - 17 décembre 2014

The artificiality of a Palestinian identity is reflected in the attitudes and actions of neighboring Arab nations who never established a Palestinian state themselves.

The Shahada in Sydney Reminds Us That Political Islam Is Deadly

EuropeNews - 17 décembre 2014 17 December 2014
By Ayaan Hirsi Ali

No symbol represents the soul of Islam more than the Shahada. But today there is a contest within Islam for the ownership of that symbol.

Europe Declares War on the Internet

EuropeNews - 17 décembre 2014

The Internet giant Google has announced that it is shutting down its Google News service in Spain. The move came in response to a new copyright law in Spain that would

Hagel: “The barbaric actions of the Taliban illustrate their lack of value for human life and lack of respect for the Islamic faith”

Jihad Watch - 17 décembre 2014
Hagel joins Obama and John Kerry as yet another imam in the Obama Administration. What exact teachings of Islam has the Taliban violated in the school massacre? Hagel didn’t say. And while he will soon be gone, his replacement will be just like him or worse, and the denial and willful ignorance about the nature […]

Czech villagers: Kuwaitis go home!

EuropeNews - 17 décembre 2014

Prague — The inhabitants of Modlany protest against the planned establishment of a Kuwaiti colony in this north Bohemian village because they are afraid of Arabs

Michel Houellebecq provokes France with story of Muslim president

EuropeNews - 17 décembre 2014

Award-winning French novelist Michel Houellebecq has sparked an outcry after it emerged that his new novel tells of France being run by a Muslim president. In 2022, with the

Swedish Politics in Chaos

EuropeNews - 17 décembre 2014

Sweden will hold a new election on March 22, 2015, just a few months after the previous general elections. The move was announced by Prime Minister Stefan Löfven on December 3,

1939 Palestinian Flag. What does it look like? Surprised?

EuropeNews - 17 décembre 2014

This a Larousse French dictionary from 1939. In the appendix it lists all the then current flags of the world in alphabetical order. You’ll notice that for Germany at that time