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Historic Justice: A Kurdish State Now

EuropeNews - il y a 27 min 53 sec

Arutz Sheva 23 October 2014
By Dr. Mordechai Kedar

The borders of most of the Arab countries east of the Mediterranean were delineated in the period following WWI, on the ruins of the Ottoman Empire. The borders were fixed on

Jihad In Canada: Radical Muslim Convert Shot Dead After Killing Canadian Soldier

EuropeNews - il y a 40 min

LIBERTY NEWS ON LINE 23 October 2014
By Alan B. West

If you think we have a homegrown Islamic terrorist — lone wolf — problem here in America, it seems our compatriots to the north do as well. As reported by the Washington Post,

Speech Geert Wilders in Nashville, USA: new International Freedom Alliance (IFA) to stop the islamisation of the free world

EuropeNews - il y a 1 heure 2 min

PVV Nederland 23 October 2014

Dear friends,

Thank you for attending this very important meeting. It is great to be back in Tennessee, the Volunteer State. I am traveling from Los Angeles to DC, but I

Photo Of Slain Canadian Soldier At Ottawa War Memorial Taken Moments Before Attack Began…….

EuropeNews - il y a 1 heure 18 min

Standing guard and seconds from death – the last picture of Canadian reservist father who ‘would give anything to anyone’ Seconds later, Michael Zehaf-Bibeau shot Cirillo,

Canadian military advised not to wear uniform in public amid attacks

EuropeNews - il y a 1 heure 19 min

A top Canadian naval officer reportedly warned soldiers on Tuesday not to wear their uniforms out in public for fear of being targeted, following two deadly attacks this week

Islamist Terrorism in Canada

EuropeNews - il y a 1 heure 21 min

American Center for Democracy 23 October 2014
By Rachel Ehrenfeld

The terror attacks in Montreal and Ottawa Canada were a sure thing. The recent jihadist attacks attacks in Montreal and Ottawa came after years of repeated calls by Canadian

Video: Attack on Canada’s Parliament – Mark Steyn responds

EuropeNews - il y a 1 heure 28 min

"When these people convert to Islam, they’re not converting because of a sense of the divine or the spiritual, they’re joining a club of violent global imperialism. And that’s

Video: Does the Sale of Halal Food Support Jihad?

EuropeNews - il y a 1 heure 34 min

Citizen Warrior 23 October 2014

It is astonishing how little the average American knows about Halal, the Muslim commanded process that demands that animals be slaughtered in accordance with Islamist

Pictured: Soldier, 24, shot dead by Muslim convert Michael Zehaf-Bibeau who opened fire on Canadian Parliament in terrifying att

EuropeNews - il y a 1 heure 43 min

A Muslim convert shot dead a Canadian soldier at the National War Memorial in Ottawa on Wednesday before exchanging dozens of shots with guards inside Parliament in a

EU Commission suing Austria for Turkish rights

EuropeNews - il y a 1 heure 44 min

The so-called establishment and residence law in Austria should be reviewed and brought into harmony with the EU-Turkey association law and its standstill clauses, according to

Personal struggles turn some youth to jihad

EuropeNews - il y a 1 heure 45 min

VILVOORDE, Belgium: As chairman of the Annasr mosque, Mimoun Aquichouh personally knows a number of young men who left the small Belgian city of Vilvoorde to wage jihad in

Taxi firm in Rochdale offers white drivers on demand after two of Pakistani origin were jailed for sex-grooming of girls in town

EuropeNews - il y a 1 heure 46 min

A taxi company in a town tainted by a child sex-grooming gang scandal is offering customers white drivers on demand. Rochdale minicab firm Car 2000 is offering the choice

Turkey, Erdogan 'Leaders of Muslim Brotherhood Axis' Says Israeli Defense Minister

EuropeNews - il y a 1 heure 48 min

Israeli Defense Minister Moshe Ya'alon lambasted Turkey on Tuesday, describing it as the leader, along with Qatar, of the Middle East's "Muslim Brotherhood Axis" and its

Battle for Kobani: As the World Watches, Turkey Looks Away

EuropeNews - il y a 1 heure 49 min

For weeks now, the world has grown worried as Islamic State jihadists have tried to take the Kurdish city of Kobani in Syria. As the US has stepped up airstrikes, Turkey's

Graphic Video: Islamic terrorists from ISIS executing civilians

EuropeNews - il y a 2 heures 6 min

ISIS terrorists execute reportedly some 1,500 civilians for not being "Islamic" enough.

Wear a veil if you like – but don’t treat women like that

EuropeNews - il y a 2 heures 9 min

What sort of clothing do you wear when you go to the opera? I assume some of you do go to the opera, otherwise the Royal Opera House could be turned into a giant Wetherspoon’s

UK to Begin Crackdown on Muslim Brotherhood

EuropeNews - il y a 2 heures 11 min

I would attribute this move more to Saudi and UAE influence than Cameron’s courage (apparently Qatar isn’t running UK foreign policy just yet) but it’s still miles from where