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Pakistan bans Valentine’s Day as “insult” to Islam

Jihad Watch - il y a 57 min 30 sec
“Allah did not create man so that he could have fun. The aim of creation was for mankind to be put to the test through hardship and prayer. An Islamic regime must be serious in every field. There are no jokes in Islam. There is no humor in Islam. There is no fun in Islam. […]

Ohio: Machete-wielding Muslim injures multiple patrons at restaurant owned by pro-Israel Arab Christian

Jihad Watch - il y a 1 heure 50 min
The owner is an “outspoken Christian” from Israel. “Inside the restaurant, guests are greeted by…a small Israeli flag.” Yet “Columbus police Sgt. Rich Weiner said ‘right now there’s nothing that leads us to believe that this is anything but a random attack.'” Nonsense. If Rich Weiner were as knowledgeable about Islam and jihad as he […]

At last: Fox orders pilot of Muslim family sitcom

Jihad Watch - il y a 2 heures 13 min
Here it is at last: the long-desired Muslim family situation comedy that is going to cure “Islamophobia” by showing racist, ignorant, xenophobic Americans that hey, look, Muslims are just like us. Katie Couric called for it during the Ground Zero Mosque controversy, saying that what America needed was a Muslim Cosby Show. Now that Bill […]

Egypt: Church waits years for construction permit, finally gets demolition permit

Jihad Watch - il y a 3 heures 12 min
On February 1, the priest Awad Flemon of Al-Iman Church in Alexandria explained how officials closed his church five years ago, leaving it partially constructed. Although the congregation had been hopeful that the church would eventually reopen, local officials have now taken the decision to demolish the building, prompting Fr. Flemon to “issue an appeal […]

Raymond Ibrahim: The Muslim Man’s Sexual “Rights” Over Non-Muslim Women

Jihad Watch - il y a 3 heures 16 min
  In word and deed, in Islamic and non-Islamic nations, Muslim men appear to think that non-Muslim women—impure “infidels”—exist solely to gratify their sexual urges. First, consider the beliefs and actions of those committed to waging jihad for the cause of Allah, such as the Islamic State: In the moments before he raped the 12-year-old […]

IRGC Deputy-Commander Hossein Salami: 'Iran Has Built Great Capabilities In Palestine, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, And Yemen'

MEMRI - Rapports - il y a 4 heures 30 min
In a December 16, 2015 speech at the second Basij Supreme Assembly in Mashhad, Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) deputy commander Hossein Salami reviewed the geopolitical developments in the Middle East in the wake of the Russian ...
No. 6304 - February 12, 2016

Egyptian Journalist Fatima Naout: Egypt Fights Terrorists, But Not Terrorism

MEMRI - Vidéos - il y a 9 heures 36 min
CBC TV (Egypt) - Duration: 01:34 - January 30, 2016

Jihad On Free Speech

Winds Of Jihad By SheikYerMami - 11 février 2016
Twitter’s Restraint of Conservative Speech Is Why It Is Failing As Breitbart News has warned would happen after Obama bundler Chris Sacca led a Board of Directors coup last June to oust popular CEO...

“War is deceit” said Muhammad, profit of Islam

Winds Of Jihad By SheikYerMami - 11 février 2016
A lot of gibberish about “Ignorance”, ‘the culture of peace’ and ‘otherism’ –  not a word about islam from  slick Algerian taqiyya merchant Slimane Chikh at...

German asylum centers: Muslim migrants tear up Bibles, assault Christians, sexually abuse women and children, beat up gays

Jihad Watch - 11 février 2016
And yet Christian leaders, feminists and gay rights activists would all sooner excoriate as “Islamophobic” and “racist” those who report on this rather than denounce the actions of the migrants. “REPORT: Christians, Gays, Women Fleeing Asylum Centres Due To Persecution By Muslim Men,” by Chris Tomlinson, Breitbart, February 11, 2016: Christians, homosexuals and women are […]

Washington State: Muslim prisoner screaming “Allahu akbar” hits guard on head repeatedly with metal stool

Jihad Watch - 11 février 2016
The only groups that vet Islamic chaplains for prisons have links to Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood. “WEEKEND REWIND: Corrections officer remains in Forks hospital, improving,” by Arwyn Rice, Peninsula Daily News, February 5, 2016 (thanks to Pamela Geller): FORKS — A Clallam Bay Corrections Center officer who suffered serious head injuries last week continued […]

Editorial In Russian Online Paper: Despite The Invitation Putin Extended To Them, Jews Are Not Likely To Flock Back To Russia

MEMRI - Rapports - 11 février 2016
At a January 19, 2016 meeting in Moscow with representatives of the European Jewish Congress, Russian President Vladimir Putin suggested with a smile that Western Jews could come to Russia to find refuge from the growing antisemitism in the ...
No. 6302 - February 12, 2016

US Navy scolds: Iran didn’t act “professionally and responsibly” after Iranians release video showing captured sailor crying

Jihad Watch - 11 février 2016
“Professional mariners understand that it is a duty and obligation to assist other mariners who suffer mechanical problems or who find themselves off track at sea,” Stephens said, according to Navy Times. “We are grateful diplomacy worked at the end of the day, but it would never have come to that had the Iranian maritime […]

Cameroon: Islamic State’s West Africa Province murders at least 6 with jihad-martyrdom suicide attacks

Jihad Watch - 11 février 2016
“The attackers, who were also killed, were both female, said a source.” It is possible that they were accused of adultery and directed to do this as a means to escape hellfire. “Suicide bombers kill six, injure 30 in Cameroon,” Agence France-Presse, February 10, 2016 (thanks to Goodness): At least six civilians were killed and […]

Nigeria: Islamic State’s West Africa Province murders 60 with jihad-martyrdom suicide attacks

Jihad Watch - 11 février 2016
Boko Haram has pledged allegiance to the Islamic State and renamed itself the Islamic State’s West Africa Province. We are facing a global movement with a single ideology. It has vowed to destroy us, while we are busy with studies showing that the Bible is more violent than the Qur’an, and that “right-wing extremists” are […]

Muslim baggage handler at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport boasted of being able to take down plane

Jihad Watch - 11 février 2016
This AP story says that Warsame boasted of being able to take down a plane at the Minneapolis airport. It doesn’t bother to mention that he actually worked there. And no one there would have dared question him about what he thought of jihad terror. That would have been “Islamophobic.” “Minnesota Man to Plead Guilty […]

Robert Spencer Video: Obama Quotes Muhammad’s Speech Endorsing the Caliphate and Beheading

Jihad Watch - 11 février 2016
This special edition of The Glazov Gang was joined by Robert Spencer, the Director of and the author of the new book The Complete Infidel’s Guide to ISIS. The discussion focused on Obama Quotes Muhammad’s Speech Endorsing the Caliphate and Beheading — and Robert unveiled the disturbing context and confronted the media’s silence. Don’t miss […]

Egypt: “Extremists reject having a church in the village”

Jihad Watch - 11 février 2016
Several Coptic Christian leaders and priests recently discussed the closures of their churches.  For example, Fr. Stephen Shehata, undersecretary of the diocese of Samalout, Minya, explained how three of the diocese’s churches were shut down because they did not have the required licenses. When the diocese recently attempted to build a church in Abu Hannas, […]

Raymond Ibrahim: Relax — Islam Only Sometimes Allows Muslims to Enslave, Rape, and Rob Infidels

Jihad Watch - 11 février 2016
Straining at gnats while swallowing camels is increasingly how Islam’s apologists rationalize away the violence and hate Sharia engenders for the “infidel,” the non-Muslim. Consider the true significance of yet another learned Muslim justifying the enslavement and rape of non-Muslim women. Suad Saleh, a female professor of Islamic doctrine at Al Azhar University, correctly defined […]

Islam’s Sword Comes for Christians: Muslim Persecution of Christians, December 2015

Jihad Watch - 11 février 2016
Islamic hostility for Christmas was on full display as documented here: on Christmas Day, Muslims in Bethlehem set a Christmas tree on fire and greeted the Latin Patriarch of Jerusalem with a hail of stones;  Muslim “refugees” set fire to a public Christmas tree in Belgium; Muslim jihadis attacked churches during Christmas mass killing at […]